This product is great for:

  • Suppressing weeds

  • Base material for gardens, patios, driveways and shed bases.

  • Highly trafficked areas.

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Type 1 Sub Base

  • Product information

    Type one is a crushed material to provide a stable sub-base for road surfaces and pathways. The mixture of solids and fines ensures minimal voids in the sub-base material when compacted, giving a strong load bearing layer with a suitably flat surface. Typical use is as a finished surface prior to a top coating of asphalt, concrete, shingle and block paving. Often used with a sand blinding.

    Our Type 1 Sub Base is a first-time quarried and crushed material sourced from the nearby Mendip Quarries.​ Typically used to provide a stable sub-base for road surfaces and pathways. It is a permeable material that assists with drainage as it has fewer fines than scalpings. Competitively priced to encourage people to use this as a preferred option to 40mm Scalps. The quality is consistent and reliable. 

    Actual weight will vary depending on moisture content