Let’s cut out the middle man and become greener!

Let’s cut our emissions, collect and deliver direct from the quarries and offer you a greater price!

As family run business, we take pride in reducing our emissions and carbon footprint.

Not only does DDA provide a reliable and flexible service we also provide the following:

DDAggregates also own their own haulage company SOB HAULAGE.

We operate a fleet of 14 bulk tipping trailers.

Transporting 1st time quarried stone like type 1, building sand, and decorative aggregates up and down the UK we can also carry grain and recycled products like glass and sand etc...

Every single product that we offer our customers from our yard in Westbury has been collected by one of our 14 drivers using our own fleet. We can supply from 25kg up to 29 tons, DAILY!

Think about this, our lorries run fully loaded for more than 90% of their journeys. We could be delivering grain or stone to the South Coast and return with sand, and aggregates meaning we’re not running on empty meaning we’re reducing our emission's and carbon footprint not to mention reducing our fuel bills!

We deliver AND collect from anywhere in the UK. And yes, this does make a difference to the price.

We’re governed by TASCC, have full public liability insurance and carry a fully licensed waste carriers license. What's not to like!