Are DDAggregates Truck Euro 6 Ready for the Clean Air Zone's?

Now more than ever, businesses need to be innovative, and flexible. Like all fleet regulations, it’s best to be prepared. We needed to be fleet compliant

Meet the newest member of our fleet. Our Euro 6 tipper grab with a 5 tonne pay load. Allowing us at DDAggregates to not only get into tighter, smaller spaces but allows us to enter all types of clean air zones including Bath.

The Bath Clean Air Zone is the first to be launched outside of London, and it very likely won’t be the last! Some vehicles will have to pay a daily charge to drive within the Zone if they do not meet required emissions standards. Many private cars will be exempt, but there will be fees for high-emission commercial vehicles.

There are 4 types of Clean Air Zones, Class A to D.

To avoid being charged in a Clean Air Zone, your vehicle must meet minimum standards.

This fantastic Isuzu Euro 6 with its crane, tipper and clam shell bucket meets all the regulations to enter clean air zones. It can also be used to take 'muck-away' .

The versatility of this smaller power house to carry loose and bagged loads, remove your old aggregates, tip, lift, tilt and grab AND along with it's low emissions, makes this part of our fleet a very busy vehicle!