20mm Plum Slate

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Prices shown are for retail customers and based on loose material per ton.

Our 20mm Plum Slate is very easy to use, work with and maintain. Its stunning purple colour makes this perfect for mulching borders. Can also be used for alpine & rockery gardens as well as fish ponds! Both practical and aesthetically appealing. 

Good for:
  • Moisture retention.

  • Landscaping

Available in:

  • 25kg bag

  • Bulk bags

  • Loose loads

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Product Information

The Plum Slate Chippings come in rich purple and plum colours with a hint of blue tones, making it ideal for mulching borders. Easy to use and maintain, these slate chippings maintain its plush colour and are particularly striking when wet and are a great option to reduce water evaporation around plants.

  • Laid flat they are good to walk on.

  • Does not alter the pH of the soil and can aid moisture retention.

  • Can also be used creatively to landscape your garden and for decorative use as pot toppers with plant and foliage.

  • Naturally occurring and changes colour when wet.

  • Can act as a weed suppressant.

  • Sourced in the mountains of North Wales.

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