10mm Cerney Shingle

From £57.00 +VAT

Guide retail price based on loose material per ton.

Our 10mm Cerney Shingle is very popular for landscaping gardens, as well as creating features around flower beds.

Good for:
  • Suppressing weeds

  • Landscaping

  • Pipe Bedding

Available in:

  • 25kg bag

  • Bulk bags

  • Loose loads

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Product information:

Popular uses include backfilling drains and landscaping tasks and often creates a great feature around flower beds. It is recommended that the 20mm version or one of the decorative aggregates is used for driveways and paths as the small stones can be brought inside on footwear and easily gets carried in vehicle tyre treads leaving a trail from your driveway on to the public highway.

  • Multi-purpose.

  • Packaged in an easy to handle 25kg bag, bulk bag or loose for large project quantities.

  • Suitable for outside storage.

  • Can act as a weed suppressant.

  • Locally sourced in the Cotswolds.

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